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Visos teisës apsaugotos UAB “ Memfis“ 2016 m.
Furniture producer
Joint    Stock    Company    “Memfis“    ambitious    company    employs    highly    trained professionals   who   have   a   long-term   experience   in   furniture   production.   Youth   and experience   going   together   allows   us   to   generate   new   progressive   ideas   and   perform them   in   the   most   professional   way.   We   are   constantly   seeking   to   update   our   machinery and   modernize   our   production   lines   therefore   together   with   regular   cutting   equipment also   has   CNC   cutting   machinery   and   computer   controlled   panel   saw   machine   that assures   precision   and   high   quality.   We   work   with   wide   known   machines   “Holzma“, “Brandt“, “Weeke“ - that let us to make high quality furniture. Starting   2004   year   we   produce   soft   furniture    (sofas,   beds,   chairs   and   other),   solid furniture     (wardrobes,    sideboards,    shelfs    kitchen    furniture    and    other)    for     furniture   retailers    and    sales    networks    and    contract    furniture.    More   than   80%   of   all   production   we are exporting to Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and else.